During a course you will develop valuable 1 to 1 contact time with your little one. Many of the moves/activities are deeply rooted in the BIRTHLIGHT philosophy where I initially trained as a baby yoga teacher.

Your baby will learn to trust you while you will gain confidence in baby handling through exercises and movements set to song and music. You will help promote your baby’s body strength, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, body awareness, confidence and spatial awareness to help them through/achieve the important developmental stages.

All exercises are appropriate for your baby’s age and consist of bending, stretching, circling, cross overs, balancing, mini drops, co-ordination, exercises stimulation of the vestibular system. Inversions and advanced swings and drops in YAY babies 2 help to develop your baby’s physical skills. At the same time they will benefit emotionally and socially.

Although I have developed my own style of teaching baby yoga, many of the moves and activities used during classes are deeply rooted in my BIRTHLIGHT training which was my initial inspiration.

  • Mummies/Daddies will also be invited to participate in some yoga moves appropriate to their stage of recovery and physical ability.
  • Baby yoga improves sleep patterns, aids respiration and digestion. It is even known to help relieve the symptoms of colic.
  • YAYoga sessions provide a social environment for mums and babies – many groups developing strong, lasting friendships.
  • There is always a short time at the end of a session to chat and exchange experiences and stories.

A YAYoga session consists of a friendly welcoming song and first contact with your little one with gentle dry massage. This is followed by a series of yoga moves for mummy (*caregiver) and adapted baby yoga moves for your baby. These are put to song to make them easily remembered for home practice with Daddy or Granny! YAYoga also uses a colourful array of props, musical instruments and music to stimulate the 5 senses. The session finishes off with a few minutes of blissful relaxation for you and your baby using sensory props such as a parachute or bubbles.

Yay yoga is absolutely the best class and lifestyle choice for my family, Grayson is the youngest of 4 and it gives us real quality time together. His face lights up when we park outside even though he is only 1 he recognises where we are and he knows what’s in store for the next hour! It really benefits all of the babies developmentally and socially, Jo is fab and babies join in at their own time as some need to watch a little while before they are confident enough there’s no pressure, there’s a lovely calm relaxed atmosphere and babies take breaks (normally Grayson!) for feeding etc then just join back in when they are ready. Whatever stage your wee one is at all of the activities, songs, movements etc all have adaptations to your own stage or mood of baby that day (again Grayson who loves to do it all while standing!) Can’t recommend highly enough!

Christine and Grayson YAY babies 2

I had never tried yoga before but Jo creates a relaxed atmosphere where parents practice yoga with their babies to songs and rhymes. Musical instruments, puppets and the rainbow parachute are just some of the wide variety of activities to keep your baby interested and sometimes mesmerised. The exercises are tailored to the developmental stage of your baby and the benefits of each well explained. It is so lovely to see the babies interact with each other and has made it easy for me to meet people with babies of a similar age as it’s such a comfortable and friendly environment. I love taking my daughter to YaYoga.

Donna and Eve YAY babies 1

Jo has such an all-encompassing, nurturing approach! We always come away so happy, relaxed, more knowledgable and energised! This is the perfect class for bonding, developing, and for meeting other babies and parents. We have truly loved every second!

Emma and Faye Yay babies 1

YAYoga with Jo is such an invigorating and exciting class for babies and adults alike. My 5 month old son Blake enjoys the sessions immensely and the stimulation he receives there is different to that of any other class we have attended. From singalongs to performing different yoga moves, from relaxing with sensory items and discovering the colourful parachute, every class is packed full of fun and the interaction Blake experiences with the other babies is just wonderful. He has benefited hugely from these sessions and it has helped improve his strength and flexibility as well as his social life. I cannot recommend YAYoga enough and Jo has such a wonderful rapport with the babies. My son has so much fun every week and we have even started to implement some of the routines at home as he enjoys them so much. Jo provides a lovely relaxed environment and YAYoga has been a breath of fresh air for both Blake and myself. Really going to miss it when the block is over! Jaymie Strathdee X

Jaymie and Blake YAY babies

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