YAY bumps provides a safe and nurturing environment

YAY bumps provides a safe and nurturing environment to take pregnant women through their journey from 2nd Trimester (approx 16 weeks) to the birth of their baby. Pregnancy classes at YAYoga are taught with kindness, thoughtfulness and respect for the mother to be, we also sprinkle a little humour in too! YAYoga aims to build a loving connection between mother and baby while increasing stamina, practising adapted yoga asanas/poses and ending in a deep relaxation and quiet time to feel at peace with your baby and feel the loving bond between you.

The Benefits

Regular yoga practice has been talked about greatly in recent years and is thought to be one of the safest forms of exercise in pregnancy. Pregnancy naturally creates  a connection to and curiosity with our bodies and yoga enhances this, taking us deeper into ourselves. Regular yoga during  mid/late pregnancy helps to:

  • calm the nervous system
  • keep your body toned, strong and supple
  • relieve tension throughout the body
  • improves posture
  • improve circulation
  • give you space and time for self nurture and connection with your child
  • alleviate ailments commonly experienced in early and mid pregnancy such as tiredness, back pain, sciatica and more
  • improve sleep
  • connect with the birthing muscles through yogic breathing
  • build stamina in preparation for labour
  • positively impact on mental and physical development of baby

Class Content

The classes are designed to help you feel your best as your baby and you grow together. You will learn:

  • yoga positions and movements to create comfort and space for you and your baby in the 2nd and 3rd  trimesters
  • posture awareness
  • pelvic awareness and pelvic floor exercises
  • yogic breathing techniques to help you stay grounded
  • deep relaxation and meditation techniques
  • visualisations and affirmations for pregnancy
  • breath awareness to calm the busy mind
  • how to employ the breath to release fear, tension and negative thoughts
  • postures and vinyasas for muscle elasticity, stamina and strength
  • spinal alignment
  • loosening hips and pelvis
  • all over toning and strengthening poses for labour and birth

If you would like to attend YAY bumps please get in contact and I will give you latest availability and information

Thank you so much. I wish I'd started the pregnancy yoga sooner it was amazing. I really just wanted an hours peace from the kids and the house to bond with my baby bump but didn't realise how relaxing and positive the classes would be for me. The breathing exercises helped me focus so much during surges and I don't doubt that all the strengthening exercises helped in labour with position, resulting in a very quick and un medicated labour.

YAY bumps – Jacqueline

Pregnancy yoga with Jo has been great, lots of advice and techniques I’ve taken away with me. Highly recommend it and also suitable for beginners

Ellie – YAY bumps

I am really enjoying Jo's pregnancy yoga classes, it has proved to be very complimentary to our hypnobirthing classes. Preparing for babies arrival can be a busy time and it's super to take a couple of hours out each week to focus on me and my baby. Jo carefully takes into consideration any ailments that her class may be suffering and can adjust the moves and postures accordingly. I have also found the class a great way to meet other women due at the same time as my baby and hope to forge some lasting friendships

Sarah – YAY bumps

Focusing on my breathing techniques in labour really helped to get through the surges and all the leg strengthening poses we did were definitely a huge benefit. We hope to see you at baby yoga sessions in the future! I really enjoyed your classes Jo!

Vicki – YAY bumps

Thanks again so much for the amazing pregnancy yoga, it truly did help make the birth experience, (I was doing the moves in the labour ward to help bring on contractions I think the staff thought I had lost it!). The breathing of 14 counts massively helped me get through the very fast labour. I will always be grateful!

A grateful mama

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