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YAY mini tots

(10 months to 2 years, with mummy/caregiver)

The world of the mini tot is so exciting for both parent and child. Observing things going on around them, the mini tot becomes more aware of movement, action and language – the world is starting to make sense and they are eager to get going.

In YAYoga sessions we help them enjoy this stage by encouraging them to join in, in their own time – we explore simple yoga poses, actions such as clapping, reaching up high and down the to ground, turning around, jumping actions, going upside down and much, much more. Most sessions are put to a theme such as Pirates, Teddy Bears, Colour and Shape, Transport to mention but a few. Language development is also very important in these sessions – the best way for mini tots to acquire language is through song. So…..Yayoga mini tots sessions include songs, rhymes, use of colourful props and musical instruments and that all important snuggle down with mummy/caregiver at the end to quieten down.

YAY tots

(2-4 years, with mummy/caregiver)

These little beings are bursting with energy and enthusiasm and are nearly ready to go it alone – but not quite!

YAY tots sessions include most of the above, but we explore the themes and activities in more depth, as their understanding increases. A session may include some or all of the following – creative movement, Yoga pose development, songs and rhymes, instrument play, puppet play, sensory development. We bring in a little gentle massage and simple breath awareness through games and use of props. There is something for every part of their all round development but at the same time, strengthening the parent/child bond. They also start to become aware of other children around them and we put emphasis on kindness, friendship and talk about peace in a very simple way.

Benefits of YAY mini tots and YAY tots

  • Interactive play with parent/caregiver
  • Increases awareness of other children in a sharing and caring way
  • Boosts language development
  • Increases body awareness, coordination, balance, strength and flexibility
  • Continues to stimulate the all important Vestibular System
  • Provides a social environment for both parent and child
  • Gives both parent and child the opportunity to snuggle up, be calm and relax at the end of a session and return the heart beat to its resting state

I just wanted to say a little something to thank Jo and say why her classes are the highlight of our week! My little one Ellie is now 16 months old and after almost a year of YAYOGA she is still so engaged and enjoys the group so much (as I do). Each week Jo thinks of new and exciting topics to follow during the sessions with use of instruments, music, tactile resources for babies to explore and keep our little ones engaged. Obviously not all babies will follow instruction at this young age and most need a little support to stay focused but with perseverance and support from Mummy and Jo Ellie is now repeatedly joining in with actions and imitating yoga poses. Jo’s love of yoga and enthusiasm for teaching shows in her classes each week and Ellie and I are excited to be returning to YAY mini tots in 2017!

Hayley and Ellie YAY mini tots

YAYoga is our favorite class each week. My daughter and I are in our third term now and each week have so much fun. Jo is in tune with all the milestones which our babies are meeting and she prepares creative and unique ways of engaging them with music and colours and of course yoga moves! Ayla is now eight months and enjoying interacting with the other babies. We highly recommend YAYoga to all other new mums out there!

Heather and Ayla 2017/18 YAY babies and teeny tots

A brilliant class that I have attended with both my daughters now. Jo’s classes are inviting, relaxing, and a place to meet great new friends all while you and your baby get to connect and learn new skills. Jo is a great teacher who explains not only what to do but why we are doing it and how it benefits both us and baby. She shows different ways of doing the poses/moves depending on ability and encourages you to do only what you can. I really can’t recommend these classes highly enough. Both my daughters and myself have gotten so much out of them, physically and mentally. Thank you Jo!!

Helen and Alice 2017/18 YAY babies and teeny tots

Really enjoyed our first session at YAY tots today Jo…little one was asleep before we got back to Elgin! Definitely coming back x

Michelle Thomson and Scarlet YAY tots

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